{{Testimony Friday}} Share this Testimony with all the Young Women & Men in Your Life!






Sourced from Cassandra’s Youtube page:

♡SUBSCRIBE for new lifestyle videos every week & join the fam! Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything- I have officially cried in a YouTube video. XD Comment below and let me know what you’re going through at this moment. I’d love to be there for you, and maybe we can all share and support each other.
I want you to know (yes, you) that I love you, Jesus loves you, and if you’re going through a hard time, there are many wonderful ways to start moving in the right direction. Tell a friend or family member you trust and can count on how you’re feeling. Start making small, positive changes in your life. And most importantly, self-reflect and come to terms with the fact that you may be putting your worth and love in the wrong places! Status, money, etc. won’t buy you happiness. If I can become stronger and take charge of my life, living as I feel called to, you can too!

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