My Testimony | CHALLENGES OF A HINDU CONVERT| Devendra Tiwari(Hindi)

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Amazing Testimony from Devendra Tiwari who was born in a hindu brahmin family.(See below for Dev’s wife’s testimony)

Devendra Tiwari was born in a hindu brahmin family. He greatly respected his social and cultural roots and felt proud of his heritage. He had a staunch belief in the family god’s that he worshipped and believed that they were the true god’s. But his marriage to a partner who came from the same family roots but was a believer in Christ started impacting his beliefs. He underwent a period of prolonged conflict within to break away from his belief system that were so dear to him. Here is his testimony in hindi.




My Testimony | MY QUEST FOR THE TRUE GOD | Smriti Tiwari (Hindi)

Smriti Tiwari hails from a staunch hindu brahmin family. She lost her father in a road accident. She grew up with a sense of bitterness against her close relatives who were around her. She realised at a young age that there is no true love in the world and everyone was selfish and self centred. Her search for true love continued till she experienced the love of Christ as the one true, pristine and pure love which has no parallel. Her testimony talks about her pursuit, her struggles and her experiences after she embraced Jesus as her Saviour and is now is a source of inspiration to many people. Here is her testimony in hindi

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