Simone Peer shares her powerful testimony of a life spent away from God and the journey that led her back to Him.

Thank you KJ Ozborne from Youtube channel “TheScariestMovieEver” for mentioning Three Hearts Church because God used you as a tool to bring Simone to Three Hearts Church for deliverance and discipleship. We give God all the glory!

Some of the things Simone shares are: horoscopes, numerology, ghosts, paranormal, psychic powers, witchcraft, coven, gods, goddesses, tarot cars, pendulum reading, spells, candles, herbs, incense, sachets, crystals, sigils, channeling, false healing gifts, reiki, drugs, alcohol, white witch, love and light deception, santeria, scry water, witchcraft head cleaning, Native American Spirituality, pipe ceremonies, sweat lodges, vision quest, ifa, condumble, lukumi, voodoo, animal sacrifice, orishas, the universe, the divine, source, the Creator, New Thought Movement, Science of Mind, platform goddess, consciousness training, energy work, pool of potential, liquid black velvet, black goo, creative cosmic goo, Unity, New School for Practical Christianity, Christ consciousness, oneness, yoga, hinduism, belief in aliens and reptilians, angels, metatron, angel advisory boards, new age, astral projection, demonic attack, past life regression, suicide, death, Alice Cooper being born again!, deliverance ministry, salvation, generational curses, Johanna Michaelsen “The Beautiful Side of Evil”, and ancestry worship.

Simone said, she was searching for God through it all. You need a Savior! Come to Jesus and let Him wash you clean, white as snow and be a new creation in Christ!

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Three Hearts Church
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New Caney, TX 77357

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