Nambudripad’s encounter with Jesus Christ – Testimony of Dr. K.A. Nambudripad(Ex-Brahmin Hindu)





Dr. Kuddalur Ashtamurthy Nambudripad B.Sc., M.B.B.S., belongs to the aristocratic class placed at the highest level in the social cast hierarchy in Kerala state, India. The Nambudripads are the intellects in the Indian society occupying prestigious positions in government & private institutions and are deeply religious as devout Hindus.

Dr. KAN’s brother was a neurosurgeon working for Frenchay Hospital in Bristol, UK when he was by accident drawn to the teachings of Jesus Christ. His family members back in India thought he was gone out of mind, brought him back to India for undergoing mental treatment.

When nothing wrong was found in the neurosurgeon’s mental makeup, he moved on to North India to occupy the Director’s position in Ludhiana Christian Medical College. Whenever he was free, he spoke about Jesus Christ to gatherings around North India.

Dr. KAN happened to listen to one of these disclosures at New Delhi and he too liked the teachings of Jesus Christ. Then on, he began to read the Bible and accepted the Lord as his saviour. Later on, his entire family of wife & three children also accepted Jesus Christ and are now living happily in Chennai, Tamil Nadu State.

A Nambudripad changing religion was looked upon with awe and wonder. But Dr. KAN took the bold step and is a part-time Christian evangelist and a member of the Gideon movement while practicing at a palliative care center in Chennai.

Testimony of another Brahmin who came to Christ: watch part 1 and part 2



india hindu coming to jesus christ

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