How To Face The Last Days Without Fear! – Derek Prince

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Also check out our encouraging text based video in regard of current events:

The Bible speaks often about ‘The Last Days’. Terrible things will happen. These things might frighten us. Yet as Christians we do not need to fear them. In this sermon Bible teacher Derek Prince shares how we can face those days without fear. Something very relevant in this time, with the corona virus outbreak.


  1. Taking in accurate knowledge of God’s will and purpose for obedient mankind and the earth and then applying Bible standards, principles, and laws in one’s life as well as being a footstep follower of Jesus Christ will take away the fear of facing the future and of living in the last days of Satan’s wicked system of things (John 17:3).

    True christians have nothing to fear during these critical troublesome times because our deliverance is very near and because we keep our eyes of faith on “the city having real foundations…” God’s heavenly based Kingdom/Government in the hands of God’s appointed King and Son, Jesus Christ (Luke 21:28, Isaiah 9:6-7, Matthew 6:9-10).

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