Can we TRUST THE BIBLE as GOD’S WORD | Video 5 – Scientifically Accurate

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In this video, we continue the series called:
Can we trust the Bible as God’s word? In this 5th video, we are going to look at the bible’s proof of scientific correctness. Some people say you can not trust the bible because it is not scientifically correct. Well, the bible has actually stated facts thousands of years before scientists discovered it. So in this video, we are going to look at some of these amazing facts which prove to us that the bible is not just a normal book, but God’s truth.




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So how do we know we can trust the bible? If you ever asked this question, then you need to watch this whole video series. But in this video, we look at a few facts that science discovered thousands of years after the bible already said it. This not only proves the bible is accurate, but that it is not an ordinary book. It has wisdom and knowledge that we could only prove thousands of years later with science. Real science shows us that the bible is correct and that we can trust it. The bible has a lot of historical facts and a few scientific facts, but make sure you know which parts of it are facts, poetry, and symbolism. The bible is not always an easy book to understand. People spend decades reading it over and over again and every time they do they learn something new. The bible does not just have physical truth, but spiritual truth. It shows us the truth of ourselves, the world and of God.

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