Why we should doubt the Hitler-as-dog-lover traditions ...


Dr. David Eisenbach, an atheist from Columbia University, posed these questions on Veritas Forum to a well-known Christian author. I was disappointed with his answers. Here is the way I would have answered Eisenbach’s question.

Question from Dr. Eisenbach:  “I went through 8 years of Catholic school, the Sisters of Charity, and I got professional religious education. Then I had 4 years of Jesuit prep school and at the end of 12 years of religious education, I’m an atheist. Then I came to Columbia.

“The sticking point of religious education for me was the Holocaust. I looked at that and said, how is it possible that 6 million could be exterminated in the course of a war that took 60 million lives and there could be a God? How do you answer that? How could God allow that kind of evil and suffering?”


My answer:

500 riders, 400 miles, 300 photos, 200 Communities ...



Why Does God Allow Evil In The World? – New Image Ministries

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