Comparing The Koran to the Bible [WOW!]


377. How Does The Quran Compare To The Bible? - YouTube


Table of Contents

1. What The Koran Says About The Bible

2. The Greatest Demonstration of Love the World Has Ever Seen

Something to do, someone to love and something to hope for

3. The Great Mystery Unveiled–The Truth About The Trinity

A great mystery clearly explained

4. The Greatest Gift

How God Can Legally forgive sin without Compromising His Justice?

5. The Greatest Relationship

The Fatherhood of God

6. The Greatest Words Ever Spoken-Has anyone ever spoken like this man?

Many of the most infamous people in history have been changed by these words

7. The Greatest Prophecies

Only someone with omniscience can predict the future and be 100% accurate

Click on the image above or below to read the article-

VIDEO: A Comparison of Violence in the Bible and the Koran ...

Got More Questions?

Where Did God Come From?
How Do We Know The Bible Is True?
Israel’s History
Can One God Be A Trinity?
Which is the Right God?
Christianity and Morality
Answering Islam
The Gospel
Names of God
Resurrection Evidence
Jesus Christ
Jesus in the Bible
Knowing God
The Vatican Wealth
Limited Atonement
The Lord’s Prayer
Questions to Ask an Atheist
Answering Atheists With Questions
Prophesy, Jesus, and the Old Testament
If God Is Good Why Is There Evil?
Why Didn’t God Stop Hitler?
Koran or Bible?
The Gospel for the Muslim
Can God Be Merciful And Hell be Forever?
Science and the Bible
Sin and Salvation
God’s Will For Your Life
Gospel and Jehovah’s Witness
The Bible’s Big Picture
Are Religions the Same?
Is Catholicism a Cult?
The Ten Commandments
What is in the Koran?
The Fear of Man
Christ in the Tabernacle
Good is not relative
Thou Shalt Not Judge
Mt. Sinai
Modern Evangelism
Transcendental Meditation
What is a Worldview?
The Perfect Law of Liberty
How to Kick The Sin Habit
Those Who Have Never Heard?
What Does It Mean To Believe?
What is the Origin of evil?
Great Stories and Quotes to Encourage You
Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?
What are the Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion?
What is the Difference Between Christianity and Mormonism?

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