The Devil Has A Plan For Your Life, And It DOESN’T Include Heaven

5 Areas of Your Life Satan Wants to Enter

Precious Testimonies

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Even after having an encounter with an angel, he wouldn’t give up drug addiction. It had that much of a hold on his life. Maybe YOU can relate. If you are battling some sort of addiction, do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and listen to what this brother went through before getting victory through the delivering power of Jesus Christ. IT IS JAM-PACKED WITH HOPE!

Jesus wants us FREED from every addition – everything we may be controlled by that is harmful … and give us HIS power to resist when temptation knocks. Yet until we determine to allow Him to have full control of our lives, and come to some realization that eternity awaits us ALL — It’s really a matter of WHERE we’re going to spend it.

Truly … God has a plan — an ETERNAL plan for all of us. His desire is that we make wise choices to make CERTAIN we will inherit that plan BEFORE our heart stops beating, but He leaves that choice up to us.

Satan also full-well knows God has an eternal plan for each of us, and he cunningly works day and night to try to do everything in his power to get us so focused on anything and everything he can to where we essentially stop CARING about God’s eternal plan for us and mostly don’t even care IF and WHEN we die, because our pain is so ever-present and consuming.

Satan addicts some people with hard-core drugs. Other’s he addicts with DOUBT and UNBELIEF about the importance of BEING IN JESUS CHRIST to even GET to heaven, and what is GOD’s Truth and what is Satan’s counterfeit truth. Others can be addicted to BITTERNESS at God for things that have happened in their life. Satan has all kinds of “addictions” to cut off the spiritual peace available to us in Christ Jesus.

One can become so blinded (or apathetic; Satan doesn’t care) by what Jesus accomplished for them on the cross that they are just as much headed to hell (canceling out their eternal potential) as the hardcore drug addict is IF they don’t make it their number one purpose to CONNECT SOLIDLY with both their Creator and the Judge of each of us. BEFORE it’s too late …

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