Christian Healing | My Story – Troy Black

Troy Black

Are there certain steps you can take as a Christian to be healed by God? Does God actually want to heal us? These are some questions I answer in this video as I talk about a time when I was miraculously healed by God’s power. I believe that God still heals, and I believe that He wants to heal you. However, I also believe that there is not a formula for receiving His healing. Instead, I believe it is based on a relationship between a loving a Father and His children.

How to Receive Healing from God

Troy Black

Have you ever wondered why God rarely seems to answer prayers for healing? Because of past disappointments, I believe many Christians don’t really expect God to heal when they pray. I used to think like that. I would pray because it was the right thing to do, but deep down I knew God wasn’t going to come through. My way of thinking changed drastically after I started seeing God show up in real ways and provide supernatural healing in my life. In this video, I share the 3 truths from God’s word that have helped me approach healing from a standpoint of faith. Note: I watched this video a few weeks after posting it and realized that I don’t agree with what I said about Paul’s thorn in the flesh. I actually lean away from believing that it was a physical condition. I don’t pretend to get everything right in my videos. I just try to say what I believe God is giving me to say. Thank you for showing me grace!

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