Why Christianity has nothing in common with Islam, why are they totally opposite of each other.

Servants of Christ

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Please know because God is so Holy and cannot allow one sin, Jesus had to die to pay the price of our sins and that’s how we are saved not only that, Spirit of God comes to live in us and we become His living temple and are sanctified by grace .This is why we are different from Islam Islam is work based salvation where Allah will accept them to heaven if they do more good than evil but in Christianity, God cannot allow even one sin. This is why the blood of Jesus was shed. True God, our Lord Jesus dealt with our sin because He is so Holy but with His grace

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8…​ muslim testimonies playlist 1:56​ : Difference between Islam and Christianity. 이슬람과 기독교의 차이, 왜 기독교의 하나님이 더욱 거룩한지 There are more to add but first is this: God in Bible is holier because it does not allow one sin for a person to be saved. That’s why everyone is hopeless. That’s why Jesus came and died for us. So whoever puts their faith in Him, shall be blameless before God not because of their deed but because of the blood of Jesus. In Islam, in order for you to go to heaven, you should do more good works than evil. Even if you have small sin, if you do more good works you can be saved. (similar to Buddhism) But God in Bible does not allow even one evil. If you have small unrighteousness, you cannot go to God because God is so holy. They think they can earn salvation or favor of God through their works. But God is perfectly holy, that one lie or lust or pride will not allow you to go to heaven. Then how can I go o heaven? This is why Jesus came and die. We sinners can become blameless by the blood of Jesus. This is the gospel. The prophecies, etc.

6:00​ Not only this, Christians are sanctified by “grace” working power of the Holy Spirit and the relationship with God and me is much much more deepr and closer in Christianity because God is the One who loves me even more than death. He loved me first, not me. God is one. Also Spirit of God comes and lives in me. What kind of relationship si this??? I am the temple of God! In Christianity God is three in One.

(must listen part, explaining why Jesus is much more holy. Prophet Isa in quran is not Jesus! It just has similar name)

7:04​ : sorry not quran but muslims says that bible and torah is changed by men when the message is the same yesterday, today historically. But that is not right also Quran says how Bible is wrong but that means Allah was not faithful keep the scripture Also the old prophecies have been fulfilled in Jesus. How can someone explain this connection? If Allah is a protector of his word, he should have not allowed the word to go currupted. But if he did, he contradicts his word 성경안바뀜.

9:14​ Jesus said He is God. 예수님은 자신을 하나님이라 함.

10:50​ : Bible has higher moral value. If God is real, that God must be the God who has higher moral and love! Explaing why 성경이 더욱 높은 도덕가치를 가짐.

14:10​ : Testimony, Spiritual attack of Islamic spirit, experiences, dream that I had in Dubai 꿨던 꿈, 간증, 경험들, 이슬람 영 영적전쟁 Revival Prayer Meeting Every Sunday 8:15 pm (time may change) Every Wednesday live Agape Prayer Meeting (Might not happen this week for I have no device) Chicago time (Central Standard Time) 4 pm on instagram @shabachmylord 매주 금요일 (한국시간) 밤 9시 15분, 인스타그램에서 라이브로 북한, 한국, 미국을 중점으로 기도하며 함께 말씀을 읽습

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