From transgender to transformed | Arianna’s Testimony

The Supernatural Life – Daniel Adams

I met Arianna over a year ago as a transgender. She went by the name James, but I knew something was different about her. I saw who she really was in Christ and chose to love her unconditionally so that Christ’s love could penetrate and reach her heart. Here she is declaring herself as Arianna, a new creation in Jesus Christ!!! Man…..God is GOOD!!!

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    • You can have Jesus in your heart by asking Him to come and live inside you:
      Simple three steps as we say as easy as ABC…

      A- acknowledge that you are a sinner and you need Jesus to save you.
      B- Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sin so that you can be saved, he became the holy sacrifice that washes our sins away.
      C- confess that he is the Son of God and the only way to Heaven is through him. This simple prayer will start your relationship with Jesus. Pray (just talk to Him) and read the Bible every day. He will meet you where you are.


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