When Life Lets you down, Hold on to God’s Promises – Plus Other Great Tagalog/English Sermons from CCF Philippines

Christ’s Commission Fellowship

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Other great sermons below:

When Life Seems Unfair

Extraordinary – Let Jesus Increase in Your Life – Bong Saquing

The Minefield – Don’t Quit – Bong Saquing

Practice Spiritual Disciplines to Overflow – Be Filled with the Holy Spirit 2 – Bong Saquing

Special Message – Fast and Pray: Be Filled with God-Confidence – Bong Saquing

The Minefield – Friendship, Dating, & Marriage – Bong Saquing

Can our past sufferings become present blessings?

Our Hope of Heaven | Joby Soriano

Truth Matters – Get Over Yourself – Francis Chan

Profiles of Prayer – The Prayer That Changes Lives – Bong Saquing

Lifegoals – Redefine Success – Bong Saquing

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Christ’s Commission Fellowship

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