How Jesus Saved A Demon Possessed Psychic From New Age Deception

Mia’s testimony is recorded in two parts, the videos are not short however her testimony will blow your mind, you will want to share her testimony with all your contacts.

I USED to be a Psychic (Mia’s Youtube home page)

Part 1

In this first episode of I USED to be a Psychic Podcast, I begin share my own personal testimony of how I was a practicing Psychic and Energy healer for years and give a bit of background into how I was initially sucked into the world of New Age beliefs and practices.

Through the grace of God, on April 5th 2022 he saved me from the deception I was caught in and through His Holy Spirit revealed to me the dark truth behind the New Age.

Whether you know someone caught up in this movement, or you’re dabbling yourself and starting to question things, this podcast is for you. Tune in for bi-weekly episodes as I work to share biblical truth, and shed God’s light on the false light of the New Age.

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Part 2

In this second episode of I USED to be a Psychic Podcast, I vulnerably share part two of my new age to Jesus testimony, diving into more details about how I became possessed to begin with… as well as how I was delivered from demonic possession, the Lord truly works all things for good! It has been such an incredible 8 months since the Holy Spirit unveiled my eyes to the truth behind the new age deception I was caught up in, but spiritual warfare is VERY real and overcoming the enemy hasn’t been an easy journey. Praise God for His spiritual Armour (Ephesians 6:10-12), and for the strength he has given me through my dedicated prayer life and time in the Word.

All glory goes to our Heavenly Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the loving Grace provided to us through Christ Jesus. The Lord has truly worked nothing short of a miracle on my life and my husbands as well, and I pray this testimony can help others who may be struggling to get free from the grasp of the enemy, and the deception filled world of the new age.

If you are feeling lost, or you’re noticing red flags pop up in your new age beliefs, just know that all you have to do is turn to Jesus.

“But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved—” -Ephesians 2:4-5 ESV

“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,” -Ephesians 2:8 ESV

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” -2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV

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I USED to be a Psychic

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