Ron Copperman: From Zen Buddhism to Jesus

Jews for Jesus

We invite you to join us for Conversations With Jewish Believers In Jesus hosted by Jeff Morgan. In this episode, Jeff talks with Ron Copperman about how he went from pursuing Eastern religion to following Jesus, and what that looked like for someone born Jewish.

Raised in a Jewish family, Ron Copperman attended Hebrew school and participated in a Jewish boys’ club. After becoming a follower of the Jewish Messiah, Copperman spent twelve years as a minister in a youth detention center, nine years leading drug rehabilitation support groups, and several years conducting street ministry. He is passionate about his faith and sharing the hope he’s found in Yeshua with those around him.

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/ @roncopperman7338

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Jewish Man Freed by Jesus from Decades of Torment | Jeff’s Testimony

Jeff shares his story on how he was spiritually tormented for 20 years through New Age and Occult practices and how an unexpected event changed him overnight.

Jeff was raised in a Jewish home where Jewish rituals were observed. Living a culturally Jewish life, he went to synagogue, celebrated Jewish holidays with his family, went to Jewish summer camp where they prayed and wrapped tfilin (phylacteries). He went to Hebrew school and had his Bar-Mitzvah at age 13. Other than becoming religious orthodox, Jeff led a very Jewish life as a youth.

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