Liz Nolan: Jewish Woman Meets Jesus In Her Room

Jews for Jesus

We invite you to join us for Conversations With Jewish Believers In Jesus hosted by Jeff Morgan. In this episode, Jeff talks with Licensed Professional Counselor Liz Nolan about her inspiring and life-altering encounter with Yeshua as a Jewish woman.

Liz Nolan has been a Licensed Professional Counselor and sexual trauma specialist for over three decades. Raised in a Jewish household, Nolan spent many years as a spiritual seeker. She worked as a New Age healer until a miraculous encounter with the presence of Yeshua on an early morning in 2017 changed everything. Nolan felt inspired and led by God to use her skills as a therapist to help those in dire need—she became the clinical director for a residential treatment program for domestic sex trafficking survivors. Now retired, Liz spends her time sharing her story to inform and inspire those she meets.

See her full testimony below:

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