Are you into or curious about New Age,Astro Projection,Psychic, Tarot Cards,Astrology,Chakra,Kundalini?- You really owe it to yourself to watch these powerful Testimonies!




==John Ramirez,Doreen Virtue,Steven Bancarz & Derek Prince Resources.

You have probably heard some of these people mention about John Ramirez on their videos above, here’s John’s Testimony for your to watch. He was a high level satanist until he found Jesus Christ, he uncovers the kingdom of darkness in his videos on Youtube and on his website. Please Look up Derek Prince on Youtube and watch his videos on Demons and Satan to learn how demons work and how to overcome their influence in your life.

Click on link above for John Ramirez’s YouTube page where you can watch more of his teachings and watch videos from him.


Click above to go to Doreen’s Youtube page for great resources on this topic.



You can visit Steven’s youtube page by clicking above.



Derek Prince on the topic of Enemies we face.

Click below for more video articles from Derek Prince’s ministry.






Check out Mario’s Youtube page by clicking his name or small image below






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look out for these words/Terms/names -Stay Alert!

Consciousness New consciousness Higher consciousness Christ consciousness God consciousness Higher Self The Self Spirit Spiritual Spirituality The Universe One Energy Balance Holistic Body-mind-spirit Inter-spiritual Inter-faith indigo child  Integral Spirituality A new reality Co-creation, crystal spirit guide healing  third eye 3rd eye co-creator Self-realization Planetary awakening Planetary evolution Conscious evolution Evolutionary Paradigm shift New paradigm Global shift Global awakening Global consciousness The Shift The Self Divine SacredThe Absolute Futurist Visionary A Few Prominent New Age Philosophers/Spokespeople in Public Eye Ken Wilber Andrew Harvey Andrew Cohen Marianne Williamson Deepak Chopra Dr. Oz ean Houston Barbara Marx Hubbard Gary Zukav Wayne Dyer Louise Hayack Canfield Norm Shealy, M.D., founder of the American Holistic Medical Association Michael Beckwith Debbie Ford Carolyn Myss Christiane Northrup




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