The Ten Most Sketchy Things I Used to Believe as a New Ager in the Occult.

Melissa Dougherty

Ever believed in something to later find out that that isn’t what you thought it was? Here are ten things that I believed that I thought were Christian teachings but were actually occultic. 😅
*It was VERY windy when I was filming. That’s not static or an audio malfunction you hear in the background at times. That’s the wind. Being annoying.
● If People Actually Lived by “You Shouldn’t Judge!”:
● Cherry Picking Scriptures leads to Cookbook Theology:
● Addicted to the Supernatural:
● Can We Trust the Bible?:
● Top 5 New Age Teachings in the Church:
● Why the LOA is Garbage:
● How a Christian Can Have New Age Beliefs and Not Know it:
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